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  • MegaCounter:

    Chemist Shop management: with 42,084 products and 629 Companies data feeding Complete - Auditing controls designed in VFP View Details

  • Visual Mega V 5.0 (Windows XP, Vista, windows 7 OS) Pharmaceuticals Inventory & Accounts Management Software in Visual FoxPro.

  • DBM 1.0

    Distribution Business Manager is powerful tool for General Sales business.

  • OraMega v 1.0

    Oracle 8i Server based Database and Forms 6i Front end Accounting and Inventory management software with 50 users license.

  • Mega inventory (DOS) 

    Pharmaceutical Distribution Software with complete Auditing controls designed in FPD.

  • Protex v 1.0 . 

    FPD, VFP anti de-compilation tool to protect FoxPro based exe files from Decompilers ( Refox..etc)

  • CDM 1.0

    Cosmetic Distribution Manager is powerful tool for cosmetic business.

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Development Expertise
    Pharmaceuticals Specialist:
  • Accounting & Finance, Inventory, HR, Payroll, R&ND, Medical Store Retail Management, Distribution Management, Franchies Software
  • Travel Accountig: Complete IATA, Non-IATA Agent Accounting Management software
  • Conversion of Legacy Applications: From All Old languages to PHP, VFP/.NET (Client- Server Application)
Business Model Types
  • MS - Rs.15,000/- Cosmetic Shop / Superstore Retail POS
  • MP – Rs.25,000/- Chemist Shop Software, retail & wholesale POS
  • VM– Rs.20,000/- Pharma Distribution,Wholesale
  • CD– Rs.15,000/- Cosmetic Distributor & General Items Supply POS
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