Low Cost Pharmacy / Medical / Inventory, Billing POS
Medical Store POS Billing, Inventory and Cash handling Software (Barcode supported)

MegaCounter request package is easy-to-use however powerful Inventory, Stocks, Cash/Finance package. It permits you to form fast request / invoices on POS furthermore as fast buying & money receiving / payment options. If differs from other desktop Invoicing software as a result of easy menus, increased reports as well as daily profit statement and daily expense figures. One Click invoicing, buying menu options.

Special feature :

Multi Tasking Multi Login Feature to handle multiple works at same time available in Personal/ Enterprise Edition.
Designed with Multi-user option, Enterprise edition  available with 'Microsoft SQL Server Database ' /PostgresDB / MYSQL/ Oracle Option.

  • Single unit of tablet or Full Pack can be invoice in single invoice to ease your work.
  • Hot Button Toolbar (shortcut Keys) with single mouse click to GO other than menu bars makes faster and easier.
  • Company Purchases & Ledgers, Stock on single click
  • Company Outstanding & claim adjustments.
  • Daily Expense sheet with no limit of  expenses heads to handle.
  • Bank handling with no limits, Draw, Deposits, claim of charges adjustment in software
  • Near Expiry stock alters, zero stock inventory information report
  • Maintains Shelf history to approach fast to items in shelf & reduce wasting of time.
  • Backup manually, Auto Schedule features
  • etc.....






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Development Expertise
    Pharmaceuticals Specialist:
  • Accounting & Finance, Inventory, HR, Payroll, R&ND, Medical Store Retail Management, Distribution Management, Franchies Software
  • Travel Accountig: Complete IATA, Non-IATA Agent Accounting Management software
  • Conversion of Legacy Applications: From All Old languages to PHP, VFP/.NET (Client- Server Application)
Business Model Types
  • MS - Rs.15,000/- Cosmetic Shop / Superstore Retail POS
  • MP – Rs.25,000/- Chemist Shop Software, retail & wholesale POS
  • VM– Rs.20,000/- Pharma Distribution,Wholesale
  • CD– Rs.15,000/- Cosmetic Distributor & General Items Supply POS
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